Bengaluru World Cup match tickets: Prices, info, availability

M. Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium is gearing up in full preparation to host the upcoming World Cup matches. The venue will host a total of five games starting from October 5 which will feature a clash between Australia and Pakistan. As fans are expected to jostle to get their hands on Bengaluru World Cup match tickets, we summarise all the information you need to know about prices and how to buy tickets below.

How to buy Bengaluru World Cup match tickets

Fans can explore a myriad of avenues to book Bengaluru World Cup match tickets, including:

  • Bookmyshow
  • Paytm
  • ICC website or app
  • Other websites –, TicketGenie, EventsNow
  • At M. Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium

One of the most convenient options is to secure the tickets online. Indian fans can visit Bookmyshow or Paytm to buy their Bengaluru World Cup match tickets online. Fans can also book their tickets from the official ICC Cricket World Cup website or even the app. 

Bengaluru World Cup match tickets

After booking the tickets online, entry passes are issued by the stadium authorities on arrival. If the booking is made some days prior to the day of the match, they will be delivered to the given address.

However, should you choose to procure your Bengaluru World Cup match tickets offline, then that can be done by approaching the ticket counters at the stadium manually. 

It is worth noting that the tickets at this venue are naturally very high in demand and tickets are expected to sell thick and fast. Hence it is highly recommended that tickets are bought either through online or offline avenues as soon as possible depending on your convenience. 

What is the price of Bengaluru World Cup match tickets?

The general price range for the Bengaluru World Cup match tickets will vary between 5000 INR (USD 61) to 7000 INR (USD 85). However, some special tickets will likely be more expensive and will cost up to INR 10000 (USD 121). The ticket prices will mostly vary according to your seats and other facilities included. Besides, high-voltage encounters are expected to further bump up ticket prices. 

Bengaluru World Cup match ticket prices by stand

M Chinnaswamy StandsTicket Prices in Bangalore
KEI A Stand2100 – 2300
Boat C Stand3000 – 3300
Hindware D Corporate3000 – 3300
Puma B Stand3000 – 3400
Fan Terrace N3500 – 4800
P1 Annex4400 – 6000
Happilo Grand Terrace6600 – 9100
E Executive Lounge7000 – 9700
Happilo Pavilion Terrace7900 – 10900
KEI P Corporate17600 – 24200
P230000 – 42300

When will Bengaluru World Cup match tickets be available?

The sale of tickets will be available from Friday, August 25, 2023.

World Cup matches scheduled for Bengaluru

A total of five World Cup matches will be held at the iconic M. Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium from October 20 to November 11. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand will be playing two matches apiece whereas England, India, Netherlands, and Australia will play one game each. 

Day and DateTeams
Friday, 20 October 2023Australia vs Pakistan
Thursday, 26 October 2023England vs Sri Lanka
Saturday, 4 November 2023New Zealand vs Pakistan
Thursday, 9 November 2023New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Saturday, 11 November 2023India vs Netherlands

Understanding the M. Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium

Also known as Karnataka State Cricket Association Stadium, the stadium is located at the heart of Bangalore city. It has a maximum capacity of 40,000 and extends across 15 acres of land. The stadium was established way back in 1969 and has been regularly hosting Test cricket, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 Internationals, and other first-class cricket matches.

It is the first cricket stadium in the world to use solar panels to generate a bulk of the electricity needed to run the stadium. The panels were procured through the “Go Green” initiative of the KSCA back in 2016. The stadium is equipped with floodlights and comprises two ends primarily Pavilion End & BEML End. 


When will Bengaluru World Cup match tickets be available for sale? 

From Friday, August 25, 2023 onwards. However, the entire World Cup schedule is likely to undergo yet another change which may push back the date by a few days further. 

Where can I purchase tickets online for the Cricket World Cup?

Tickets can be purchased primarily on Paytm, ICC, and Bookmyshow websites. Other websites include, TicketGenie, EventsNow.

Can I purchase tickets offline for the M. Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium?

Yes, it is possible. You will have to visit the ticket counter inside the stadium premises to procure your Bengaluru World Cup match ahead of time. M Chinnaswamy Bangalore box office located at gates No. 18 and 19 will be selling match tickets.

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