Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets: Prices, info, availability

After 12 long years, the ODI World Cup returns to India this year. The tournament will be played across 10 spectacular venues in India, one of which is the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium. Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets go on sale shortly, and we’ve got everything you need to know about prices and how to buy tickets below.

How to buy Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets

There are several different ways to access Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets, including:

  • Bookmyshow
  • Paytm
  • ICC website or app
  • At Narendra Modi Stadium

Firstly, Indian fans can head to Bookmyshow or Paytm to buy their Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets online. Fans can also book their tickets from the official ICC Cricket World Cup website or even the app. 

Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets:
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Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets can also be purchased offline at Narendra Modi Stadium itself. Such purchases can be made by physically visiting the counter on match day or a few days prior. 

It is understood that the tickets at this venue are very high in demand, meaning offline sales are likely to be limited to determined fans only. With little time remaining until the Cricket World Cup, buying a physical ticket at the counter may not be a wise option. 

What is the price of Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets?

Naturally, ticket prices vary according to location of the seats, and other facilities included. 

For those purchasing online, prices will vary between 500 INR (USD 6) to 10000 INR (USD 121) for Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets.

Those able to purchase directly from the stadium will pay in the range of INR 500 (USD 5) to INR 5000 (USD 60). 

However, there are some special tickets that are more expensive, costing up to INR 24000. 

When will Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets be available?

The sale of tickets will be available from Friday, August 25, 2023.

World Cup matches scheduled for Ahmedabad

A total of five World Cup matches will be hosted at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, including the inaugural and final match of the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

October 5, 2023England vs New Zealand2 PM IST
October 14, 2023India vs Pakistan2 PM IST
November 4, 2023England vs Australia2 PM IST
November 10, 2023South Africa vs Afghanistan2 PM IST
November 19, 2023TBC vs TBC2 PM IST

Most notably, the mouth-watering contest between India and Pakistan will take place in Ahmedabad.

The game was originally scheduled for October 15 but due to the Navratri festival, providing security arrangements on such an auspicious day would have been a tall order to fill for the security agencies. Now, the match has been shifted to October 14 after BCCI and PCB jointly agreed to reschedule.

Understanding the Narendra Modi Stadium

Those lucky enough to secure Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets will be in for a treat, as the Narendra Modi Stadium is one of the most spectacular grounds in all of cricket.

Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets

Situated in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Complex in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Narendra Modi Stadium is the largest stadium in the world. The venue was renovated in 2020 to house over 130,000 spectators, after being initially constructed in 1982. 

On 24 February 2021, the stadium was renamed as the Narendra Modi Stadium by the Gujarat Cricket Association after the current Prime Minister of India. It currently serves as a venue for Test, ODI, T20I, FC, List-A, T20, and Indian Premier League cricket matches.


When will Ahmedabad World Cup match tickets be available for sale? 

From Friday, August 25, 2023 onwards.

Where can I purchase tickets online for the Cricket World Cup?

Paytm, ICC, and Bookmyshow websites. 

Can I purchase tickets offline for the Narendra Modi Stadium?

Yes, it is possible. You will have to navigate to the ticket counter inside the stadium premises to procure your match tickets ahead of time.

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