Shadab Khan feels at home with the ODI Cricket World Cup taking place in India

Shadab Khan, the Pakistani vice-captain, radiates confidence as he looks forward to the upcoming ODI Cricket World Cup in India. During a press interaction on Sunday, October 1, Shadab offered insights into the Pakistani team's preparations and their prospects for the tournament.

Pakistan's Shadab Khan is enjoying playing World Cup in India
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Shadab made an intriguing observation, drawing parallels between their recent match in Hyderabad and Pakistan's home ground, Rawalpindi. He noted that the conditions in India felt remarkably similar to what they usually experience back home. 

He remarked, “The conditions so far in India have felt similar to Pakistan. Even the last warm-up felt like we were playing in Rawalpindi.” This sense of familiarity could prove advantageous for the Pakistani team as they strive for success on the Indian subcontinent.

Nevertheless, Shadab understands that comfort alone won't guarantee victory in the World Cup. With expectations of flat and batsman-friendly pitches throughout the tournament, he emphasized the pivotal role of a strong bowling unit in Pakistan's campaign. 

In his view, Pakistan boasts a formidable bowling lineup that could potentially make them frontrunners in the competition. 

As he put it, “I feel the champion of this World Cup will be a good bowling side because the conditions here offer flat tracks and small boundaries. We have world-class bowlers, and I feel as a bowling unit, we have to perform really well to become champions.”

Shadab Khan's candidness extended to his own performance on the field. He acknowledged that he had faced challenges in maintaining his form recently. However, he attributed his recent improvements to the much-needed rest he received after the Asia Cup. This break provided a chance to recharge physically and mentally, and it appears to have paid off.

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Shadab noted, “My form has not been good recently, but I got a lot of rest [after the Asia Cup]. You do get mentally down after playing a lot of cricket and not performing. Obviously, the skills are there, but the much-needed rest has helped me get over the mental barrier. The past is past now.”

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Shadab Khan's track record is impressive. Since 2022, he has secured 21 wickets in 16 ODIs, maintaining an economy rate of 5.31. Beyond his bowling prowess, he has also made valuable contributions with the bat, accumulating 300 runs in 12 innings at an average of 25, including a notable half-century achieved in June 2022.

With the tournament on the horizon, fans will be eagerly watching to see if Shadab and his fellow “Men in Green” can live up to expectations and leave their mark in the ODI Cricket World Cup in India.

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