Crickex App 2024 – Review, download and referral code

Crickex is a platform that can come in handy for a punter who wants to place wagers on cricket events and on any other sport that matters a lot. This is a new-age betting platform that has already made a significant impact due to the slew of advantages and features that are directly aimed at the Indian punter.

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How to get the Crickex app on Android devices in India?

The Crickex app download is available only as an option for Android devices – phones and tablets. This is because the brand is yet to launch the iOS version. The iOS users have to rely on the mobile site to get them through to any betting markets that they wish to access on Crickex. However, Android users can:

  1. Open up the official site
  2. Click on the mobile icon to access the Crickex app download page
  3. Get the Crickex app APK from this page
  4. Make the phone/tablet install content from outside the Play Store
  5. Return back to the Crickex app APK and complete the installation

Even if the user is not able to get the app directly from the Play Store due to restrictions imposed by Google, the installation instructions and plenty of helpful materials provided by Crickex mean that the app can be installed within a few minutes even in this elongated process.

crickex app

Registration using the Crickex app

After having completed the download of the app, one can also become a member on the platform directly by registering using the app. This registration can be completed in a couple of steps. They are:

  1. Opening up the app
  2. Clicking on the signup button
  3. Providing the preferred password and username combination
  4. Providing the currency preference along with a Crickex refer code is available
  5. Filling up the personal information
  6. Accepting the terms and conditions and submitting the registration page

Even though it can be quite rewarding to use the Crickex refer code during the signup, users are not mandated that they make use of this code, as the promotional offers are completely optional.

Download Crickex app

Best features about the app from Crickex

There are a handful of features on the Crickex app which make it a very competitive platform. The top features that a punter is likely to use regularly would be:

Biometric login

The biometric login is one of the finest features brought in by Crickex. Any sportsbook app will usually require the user to enter username and password combinations, but this can be a very tedious process indeed. This is especially true in the case of a punter who places multiple bets over the weekend or on match days. The biometric login will bring a lot of convenience to the plate, as users will be able to enter into the app using face recognition or fingerprint data.

Live streaming of sports events

Live streaming is seen as one of the important features for any sports punter in modern times. The ability to watch sports events from the convenience of a smartphone is remarkable. At the same time, there can be improvements made to this feature. Even though Crickex tries its best to push out HD broadcasts, this may not be the case at all times. Still, it can be a very crucial and interesting feature to take advantage of the in-play betting section.

Live updates on sports matches

If a punter is placing bets on live events as they take place, it is very likely that they might rely on a string of data to get the right picks. However, this can be quite difficult for a normal bookmaker who does not place a lot of emphasis on making sure that the punter is able to make good choices at all times. This is not the case with Crickex, where a decent amount of focus is made on providing excellent stats that are useful in the pre-match and live betting markets.

Casino gaming choices

This Crickex app review also found that the app does specialize in sports betting alone. Instead, users get to enjoy a range of casino gaming options. There are slot games, progressive jackpot titles, live dealer games, regular table games, and more. The gaming library that is found on the desktop site does not completely make its way to the mobile platform, but there is a decent set of choices seen by this Crickex app review to keep players interested for a long time.

Crickex app review

Reasons for getting the Crickex app

There are several reasons why a punter should opt for using the Crickex app rather than the desktop site or mobile site. The four major reasons would be:


Going against the trend of mobile apps that do not have a lot of focus on user-friendliness, Crickex has come out with an app that does extremely well in terms of being able to provide customers with specific features that make life a lot easier when using the site.

Excellent functionality

The user gets added bonus of outstanding functionality when performing the Crickex app download. The product comes embedded with a lot of features that are designed to help a punter get more value out of the system. The functionality becomes even more interesting when using them in tandem with the rewards provided through the Crickex app referral code.

Bonus offers

In terms of value, there is none better than the bonus offers provided by the site. This Crickex app review found that one will be able to claim some attractive offers even if it is not specific to mobile devices by using certain codes of the system. For example, the Crickex app referral code can be quite powerful in terms of helping users pick up excellent rewards.

Stability and speed

The Crickex app is one of the latest mobile-specific products to hit the market in the sportsbook segment. It definitely shows in the speed and stability provided by the developers compared with the competition, who have been in operation for several decades. The app opens up faster, but it is also easy to get the job done at a much quicker pace.

Support options

Even when on the Crickex app, users will not be losing out on the excellent support provided by the platform. The support systems are open 24 x 7 and one can easily get any queries sorted out with the system. This can be done through email as well, but some of the features like live chat can be very helpful at all odd of the day.

Download Crickex app

One of the top ways to enjoy the Crickex betting site will be to use an app. This article will look at the Crickex app in detail to try and provide an insight into the features and best elements.

Getting the Crickex app on a smartphone or tablet

The Crickex app download is currently possible only for Android devices. It is not yet available for iOS products yet. The download for Android devices is not possible directly from the Play Store. Instead, users have to download the APK file from the official site. One has to modify the phone settings so that installation from files outside the Play Store is possible. After having modified the settings, users can return back to the APK file and finish the installation.

New account creation process

The Crickex app download is mostly followed up by the account creation process if the user does not already have an account on the site. One can create an account by providing information like desired username, password, and more. The user can also express their interest to see new offers on the site through the use of referral codes.

Betting options on the Crickex app

After the Crickex app login, users will be treated to a whole variety of sports coverage. The site manages to support 15+ sports and their various events. It effectively means that a user of this platform will have plenty of betting options throughout the year if they follow a handful of sports across the land. The popular sports covered on this site would be cricket, football, tennis, and golf. A punter can decide to go with single bets or accumulators.

Convenience features available

Apart from being able to place bets on sporting events, one can perform a Crickex login and manage various aspects of the new account. For starters, one of the key account management features would be the option of depositing or withdrawing funds. The banking options available after performing the Crickex app login are:

  • Bank deposit
  • UPI
  • IMPS

All these options do not charge any fees for adding or withdrawing funds. This makes it a convenient, quick, and cheap option for those looking to add funds to the betting account.

Top reasons to use the app

Biometric protection

The user need not enter their login details every time they want to do the Crickex app login. Instead, biometric login is supported through the face or fingerprint recognition. Apart from saving a lot of time, it can be a very convenient aspect as well.

Casino gaming

Apart from sports betting, casino gaming is also a big portion of the Crickex product portfolio. There are more than 150 different slot titles available on the site. This includes progressive jackpots and casino games as well.

Live sports updates

All users of the Crickex app get to enjoy live updates of sporting events. These are available in the form of push notifications so that the user does not miss out on any part of the important action. One can customise the notifications that they receive on the app.

Multimarket bets

An interesting feature of the Crickex app ability to use multimarket betting. A player can place bets on several events on a single screen. This can be a huge saviour of time.

Verdict and Summary of the Crickex experience on mobile devices

Crickex is one of the young and upcoming bookmakers around. The platform has been around only for a couple of years. This works to the benefit of the user, as they are clearly able to get access to a betting platform that is very modern in almost every regard. For starters, Crickex has clearly targeted the Android user base, which is significantly larger in India compared to the iOS database. Furthermore, the brand has provided a decent list of promotional offers that are designed to make life easy for any punter. The numerous advantages up the sleeve of Crickex make it a great destination indeed.

Crickex is a new platform that has hit the gambling industry in a big way. There are multiple features available on the app to enhance their betting experience. Some of these features are related to convenience while some are really innovative and useful like live streaming and biometric protection.

Article last updated on: 20/04/24