Rabona App India June 2024 – A Detailed Review

Rabona is a new betting platform to hit the segment. It manages to present users with a whole lot of opportunities.

Rabona India App

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There are several ways of accessing Rabona’s betting site with the mobile app being one of them. This article will take a deeper look at the various mobile experiences provided by this site. 

Rabona App for Android

The Rabona app is available only for Android users. The app comes with the advantage of being able to quickly enter into the betting platform, which has been optimised to run on multiple devices in the best possible fashion. It is not possible to just step into the Play Store and get the app. A user has to go through some steps before they are able to enjoy the mobile version of the betting site.

How to get the Android app?

The indications about the availability of an Android app can be seen on the homepage of the official site. Besides the Android icon on the home page, users will get the opportunity to scan the QR code. Once the QR code has been scanned, it will take users directly to a download page. The Rabona APK file download request will be initiated.

If the user accepts the same, the APK file is brought to the smartphone. After having done so, users need to allow the phone to install from APK files outside the Play Store. This can be done by modifying the phone settings. One has to enter into the settings menu and search for the option to ‘install from unknown sources’. After this permission has been provided, users will get the opportunity to install content from the APK file. The app icon will now appear on the app drawer.

Rabona App for iOS

Even though Rabona has been around for a couple of years, the Rabona app for iOS devices is yet to be available. It has not been released yet. However, a simple entry into the official site will indicate the presence of an Apple app which can be accessed by scanning a QR code. It is necessary to follow these procedures to understand that a dedicated app is yet to be launched.

How to get the iOS app?

The official site will show information about the availability of an app. One has to scan a QR code in order to get the app. However, scanning the code will take users to an instruction page which will show instructions about bookmarking the site on the Safari browser. This will add an icon to the homepage. Even though it will mimic the app in terms of design, the user is effectively using the browser to access the content.

Rabona App

Mobile version of the Rabona site

The mobile version of Rabona happens to be quite good enough for regular use. In fact, the developers have been so confident with the product that Apple users only get to enjoy the mobile site and not the real app. The mobile site turns out to be quite functional in almost every area. The user will be able to log in as usual. They can make use of the sportsbook and casino segments without any hiccups, although the volume of casino games available on the mobile site will be slightly lower. There is also no reason to regret the use of the sportsbook in the mobile segment, as every feature and market scene on the desktop site makes its way into the small screen. Even though there are no mobile-specific offers to consider for these users, the overall campaigns run by Rabona are a strong reason to go with the same.

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Key features available on mobile

There are many reasons why users may prefer to get the Rabona app over the desktop site experience. Predominantly, users get the app to be able to bet on the move. In order to facilitate the best possible experience while on the move, this Rabona app comes with some special features that are not so common at a mediocre betting site. For starters, this app comes with support for live betting so that users can look for opportunities to bet while the game is taking place. There is a wide range of markets in the live betting section with users not being limited to just the handicap, winner, total goals, and more.

The betting site also acknowledges that users who place a mobile bet also want to limit the risk in certain situations. For such users, the Rabona app comes with the Cash Out feature that helps the user get more control over their bet. One can just use their mobile device and make a few clicks to be able to step out of the bet well ahead of its scheduled completion time. Even though the prices might differ compared to the odds agreed upon while placing the bet, it is now a favourable situation for the punter who can now look for new betting opportunities with the stake while also being able to reduce risk.

Compatibility on mobile devices

One of the first questions that are likely to be thrown at the developers would be the support and compatibility of the Rabona app on different versions of the Android operating system. Since the app has to work on a range of devices, the developers have made sure that the requirements of the app are very basic. It also takes up very little space on the device. As far as support for Android goes, the user will be able to download and enjoy the Rabona if they have anything over Android 6.0.

Rabona App

The iOS user might only be using a bookmark from a mobile browser but even here there are certain requirements to remember. The iOS version will work only on devices that have iOS 12 or more. If the user is trying to enjoy the betting site on an older iOS version, they may have to make some compromises in terms of performance. However, this may not be by a huge margin.

FAQs about Rabona and the mobile experience

Is there an app available for both Android and iOS operating systems?

An app is available for the Android operating system. However, the brand is set to launch a dedicated app for Apple users.

Are there any fees associated with getting the app?

No, the app is available completely for free.

Should users pay for accessing the mobile site?

No, the mobile site is also available for free.

Verdict and rating of the Rabona mobile app experience

One of the key reasons for getting the Rabona app will be the wholesome gambling experience irrespective of the device. The brand might have some hiccups in the form of the availability of a dedicated app for iOS devices, but a whole lot of attractive features coupled with a fully functional mobile site make up for these disadvantages. The availability of features like Cash Out even on mobile devices makes it very attractive to use the Rabona app.