Ish Sodhi in Mankad vs Bangladesh, New Zealand batsman recalled

In a noteworthy turn of events during the second ODI between Bangladesh and New Zealand, the home captain, Litton Das recalled Ish Sodhi after fast bowler Hasan Mahmud ran out the Kiwi batter at the non-striker's end for prematurely leaving his crease.

It was the first time that a player from Bangladesh attempted this particular mode of dismissal, which is highly controversial in the world of cricket.

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Ish Sodhi gets run out at non-striker's end

ish sodhi
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The incident itself took place in the 46th over of the match when Mahmud, in the midst of his bowling stride, dislodged the bails as Sodhi, batting on 17, had backed up from the non-striker's end too early.

Mahmud swiftly appealed to umpire Marais Erasmus, who promptly referred the matter to the TV umpire for a conclusive decision. Subsequent video replays confirmed that Sodhi was indeed out of his crease when Mahmud executed the run-out, and he was declared out.

Sodhi initially walked off the field with a sarcastic smile on his face as he applauded the Bangladesh team for the dismissal that has divided the cricketing world, with a majority accepting it to be unsporting.

However, as he approached the boundary rope, Bangladesh skipper Litton approached the umpire and expressed his desire to call Sodhi back to continue batting. After this unexpected gesture on Litton's part, Sodhi returned to the pitch and shared a heartfelt hug with Mahmud, the bowler who had earlier run him out.

Following his fortunate reprieve, Ish Sodhi capitalized on the opportunity, managing to score 18 more runs from just 13 deliveries, which included two impressive sixes.

What the rules say

Litton's decision to revoke the dismissal may come as a surprise to some, especially considering that the cricketing community has witnessed a significant change in perspective on the Mankad in recent times.

In March 2022, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) had taken steps to destigmatize run-outs at the non-striker's end. This adjustment involved moving the description of this dismissal from Law 41 (Unfair play) to Law 38 (Runout) in the cricketing regulations. The intention behind this move was to clarify that this form of dismissal was indeed legitimate and aligned with the principles of the game.

Fraser Stewart, MCC Laws Manager, elucidated this point when he stated, “The bowler is always painted as the villain, but it is a legitimate way to dismiss someone, and it is the non-striker who is stealing the ground. It is legitimate, it is a run-out, and therefore it should live in the run-out section of the laws.”

New Zealand concluded their innings with a total of 254 runs for the loss of all wickets in 49.2 overs and went on to win by 86 runs, with Ish Sodhi picking up 6-39 with the ball.

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