Dale Steyn lauds Jasprit Bumrah for excellence across conditions

South African pace legend Dale Steyn showered praise upon Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah for his remarkable prowess in picking up wickets regardless of the pitch and conditions.

Steyn, known for his formidable record in India, where he boasted an average of 21.38 in six Tests, acknowledged Bumrah's uncanny knack for extracting wickets on what he described as “docile pitches.” Speaking ahead of the SA20 final, Steyn marveled at Bumrah's unique talent to deliver wicket-taking yorkers consistently, a trait seldom seen in the Test arena.

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“He takes wickets on those docile pitches, so he’s fantastic,” remarked Steyn, emphasizing Bumrah's ability to neutralize the influence of the surface with his lethal deliveries. The South African veteran likened Bumrah's skill to that of other elite bowlers capable of producing game-changing yorkers, such as Trent Boult and Mitchell Starc.

Jasprit Bumrah
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Dale Steyn amazed by Jasprit Bumrah

Steyn's admiration for Bumrah's craft extended to the recognition that a well-executed yorker remains effective across various cricketing landscapes, transcending the challenges posed by different pitches. He lauded Bumrah's consistency and highlighted the invaluable asset of removing the pitch from the equation, a testament to Bumrah's exceptional talent and adaptability.

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Bumrah's recent performances in the ongoing Test series against England only serve to reinforce Steyn's commendation. Following a stellar display in the series opener, where he claimed six wickets despite India's defeat, Bumrah delivered a Player of the Match performance in the second Test. His nine-wicket haul, including a remarkable six-wicket haul in the first innings, propelled India to victory and propelled Bumrah to the summit of the ICC Test bowlers rankings.

Despite Bumrah's occasional absence due to fitness concerns, Steyn lauded the depth in India's pace-bowling arsenal, highlighting the seamless transition of Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami to fill the void. He commended India's ability to maintain high standards even in Bumrah's absence, a testament to the depth and talent within the Indian cricketing ranks.

In closing, Steyn emphasized the symbiotic relationship between Test cricket and T20 cricket, asserting that excelling in the longer format enhances a bowler's skills in the shorter formats. He expressed hope that more bowlers would recognize the value of red-ball cricket in shaping their prowess across all formats, echoing the sentiment that Bumrah's success in Test cricket bodes well for his performance in T20s.

As Jasprit Bumrah continues to etch his name in the annals of cricketing greatness, his ability to transcend pitch conditions and deliver impactful performances stands as a testament to his skill, determination, and unwavering excellence on the field.


Rohit is an experienced cricket writer based in India