Mayank Agarwal to be discharged from hospital after mid-flight medical emergency

Mayank Agarwal encountered a distressing medical emergency mid-flight, leading to an unforeseen hospitalization. The incident unfolded on the evening of January 30, as Agarwal was traveling from Agartala to Surat via New Delhi.

He was set to lead his team, Karnataka, in the fifth-round Ranji Trophy fixture against Railways, scheduled to commence on Friday.

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What happened to Mayank Agarwal in the Indigo flight?

The ordeal began shortly after Agarwal consumed liquid from a bottle, mistaking it for water, while aboard an IndiGo flight. This seemingly innocuous act quickly turned alarming as he began experiencing severe stomach pain, coupled with a burning sensation in his throat and mouth. The situation escalated rapidly, marked by a bout of vomiting, prompting the flight crew to take immediate action.

In response to Agarwal's deteriorating condition, the flight, IndiGo 6E 5177, made an urgent return to Agartala. Agarwal was swiftly deplaned and rushed to ILS Hospitals for medical attention. Meanwhile, the rest of the Karnataka squad continued their journey, leaving their captain in the care of medical professionals.

Mayank Agarwal
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At ILS Hospitals, Agarwal was declared “clinically stable” but required continuous clinical monitoring. The medical team attending to him noted symptoms including oral irritation and swelling on the lips. The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA), in coordination with the Tripura Cricket Association (TCA), kept a close watch on Agarwal's condition.

As of the morning of January 31, Agarwal's condition showed signs of improvement. The hospital prepared for his discharge, scheduled for the evening. Agarwal was to receive injections to alleviate pain for his travel back to Bengaluru, where he was expected to undergo further medical examinations.

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This development, however, confirmed Agarwal's unavailability for the upcoming Ranji Trophy match, a significant blow to the Karnataka team. In his absence, the vice-captain, 23-year-old Nikin Jose, was poised to take the helm.

The Tripura police, acting on a complaint filed by Agarwal's manager, Ramesh Rao, initiated an investigation into the incident. The case, registered at the New Capital Complex police station, sought to unravel the circumstances leading to Agarwal's health scare.

Superintendent of Police K Kiran Kumar personally visited Agarwal at the hospital, indicating the seriousness with which the matter was being treated.

Mayank Agarwal's unexpected medical emergency not only disrupted his participation in the crucial Ranji Trophy fixture but also raised concerns about safety and well-being during air travel. As the investigation unfolds, further updates on Agarwal's health and the circumstances surrounding this alarming incident are awaited.


Rohit is an experienced cricket writer based in India