6 ball 6 six record list 2023: All the record-breaking overs

It's every batsman's dream: The 6 ball 6 six over.

While a bowler can completely change a game in the space of a few balls with a hat-trick, batsmen can play that game too by dispatching every single ball for an entire over across the boundary rope for six.

Just as a hat-trick is a rare event in cricket, 6 ball 6 sixes is even rarer. In fact, it's so rare, that the feat has only been achieved four times in international cricket. Below, we outline the 6 ball 6 six record list, before looking at some of the other occurrences of 6 balls 6 sixes in cricket.

Curious to know what the IPL 6 ball 6 six record is? Trying to recall who first hit 6 sixes in an over? Can't remember the 6 ball 6 six Indian player name? Then read on.

6 ball 6 six record list in international cricket

6 ball 6 six record list international
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There are several other instances of batsmen recording the 6 ball 6 six, but undoubtedly the most prestigious occurrences are when it's achieved on the international stage.

This is a feat that has only been achieved four times – here's a list of the four international players who smashed 6 sixes in an over:

  1. Herschelle Gibbs vs the Netherlands
  2. Yuvraj Singh vs England
  3. Kieron Pollard vs Sri Lanka
  4. Jaskaran Malhotra vs Papua New Guinea

The pressure of representing your country, the calibre of international bowling attacks – all of these factors make hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls in international cricket an incredible accomplishment.

An honourable mention should go to Nepal's Dipendra Singh Airee, who hit 6 sixes in 6 balls, albeit split across two overs.

During a September 2023 T20I against Mongolia, Airee hit the last five balls of the penultimate over for six, and after his patting partner got a single off of the first ball of the 20th over, Airee made it 6 sixes in 6 balls from the next delivery.

He ended with eight sixes in nine balls to his name en route to the fastest half-century in T20 cricket – from 9 balls – beating the record previously held by Yuvraj Singh, Chris Gayle and Hazratullah Zazai.

Below, we take a look at each of these innings in detail, before deciding which of these four tops our 6 ball 6 six record list.

1. Herschelle Gibbs vs the Netherlands (2007 ODI World Cup)

6 ball 6 six record list

In 2007, the former South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs became the first ever player to make it to the 6 ball 6 six record list in international cricket.

A showstopper, Gibbs achieved this feat against the Netherlands during the 2007 ODI World Cup. Bowler Daan van Bunge was at the receiving end of this historic event.

Bunge came in for the 30th over of the innings, and what followed was an event to remember in the history of cricket. To start proceedings, Gibbs danced down the pitch and smashed the ball over long on for the first six of the over.

Little did Daan van Bunge realise that things were about to get much worse…

The second six came in a similar fashion, but over long off. The third six went in the same direction as well.

Under pressure, the poor leg spinner gifted a full toss which got dispatched over mid-wicket for the fourth six. The crowd went berserk and everyone was on their feet, with the prospect of Gibbs potentially achieving the unprecedented feat of striking a 6 ball 6 six over.

And boy, did Herschelle Gibbs deliver.

The short delivery on the fifth ball got dispatched over long off once again. To stop Gibbs from hitting 6 sixes in a row, Bunge decided to bowl a medium pace delivery. However, the outcome did not change.

The short delivery got pulled over mid-wicket, and Gibbs made it to the 6 ball 6 six record list.

South Africa ended with 353/3 in 40 overs as the match was curtailed due to rain. Gibbs played handsomely for his 72 runs in just 40 deliveries. Who knows if the South African played longer, perhaps he would have made it to the IPL 6 ball 6 six record list.

2. Yuvraj Singh vs England (2007 T20I World Cup)

6 ball 6 sixes

Perhaps Herschelle Gibbs inspired Yuvraj Singh, because just months later the Indian talisman also made it to the 6 balls 6 six record list.

Singh's heroics occurred during the inaugural 2007 T20 World Cup in Durban against England, with the bowler in this case being none other than England's premier fast bowler, Stuart Broad.

The lead-up to the event featured heated arguments between England's Andrew Flintoff and Yuvraj Singh. Despite Stuart Broad having nothing to do with the words exchanged, he would bare the brunt of Yuvraj’s rage in a perfectly directed tirade of batting prowess.

With India already in a strong position at 171/3 after 18 overs, Yuvraj Singh appeared ready to go after the heated exchange with Flintoff. Unsurprisingly, he hit the first ball of the 19th over for a six over mid-wicket.

What was surprising, at least for Stuart Broad, was how the next five balls unfolded…

The first six was followed by consecutive sixes over square-leg, long-off, deep point off a full toss and over square leg. Yuvraj was hitting Broad all over the ground, and he, along with the crowd, seemed to enjoy it immensely.

Everyone wanted a 6 ball 6 six over and as you expect from Yuvraj, he slogged the last ball over long-on, inscribing his name in the 6 ball 6 sixes record list in international cricket.

India went on to win the match and eventually the inaugural T20 World Cup.

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3. Kieron Pollard vs Sri Lanka (2021 Sri Lanka Tour of West Indies)

6 ball 6 six record list

After Gibbs and Singh proved that striking 6 balls for 6 sixes was possible, an incredible 14 years passed before another batsman would repeat the achievement to join the 6 ball 6 six record list.

When the 6 ball 6 sixes record list was next added to in 2021, it was none other than big-hitting West Indian Kieron Pollard.

Pollard is known for his hard-hitting and match-winning knocks. This particular knock came in a home game against Sri Lanka, chasing a paltry total. West Indies were set a target of 132 Sri Lanka in the first match of the series in Antigua.

After the West Indies got off to an excellent start and steadily progressed towards achieving the target, Akila Dananjaya struck with a hat-trick, bringing Sri Lanka right back into the game. That's when Pollard walked in to bat and decided to take charge of the chase…

Pollard is a true example of ‘play the ball, not the bowler', and Dananjaya had no idea of what was coming in when he started his next over.

The big West Indian intended to send the first ball over mid-on, but mistimed his shot and sent it over mid-wicket instead. So powerful was Pollard's strike, that the shot had enough on it to to go over the ropes.

Pollard would make no such mistake in the next two balls, striking these cleanly down the ground for six. Pollard reached 20 runs off 7 deliveries in no time.

He continued to take Dananjaya to the cleaners in the next three deliveries and made it to the 6 ball 6 six record list. It's a shame the Pollard has concluded his IPL career now, and won't be able to etch his name in the IPL 6 ball 6 six record list as well.

4. Jaskaran Malhotra vs Papua New Guinea (2021 ODI Series)

Whenever the one batsmen hits six sixes in an over, another seems to follow suit soon after.

A little known name on the international stage, Jaskaran Malhotra joined the 6 ball 6 six record list after hitting Gaudi Toka from Papua New Guinea for 36 runs in an over.

Playing for the USA, Jaskaran had already scored a century and was facing the last over of the innings. He started the over with a massive hit over long-on, followed by sixes over covers, long-off, and all across the park in the remaining balls delivered.

Jaskaran brought up 150 runs in the process and remained unbeaten with 173 runs to his name. USA finished with a total of 271 runs and went on to win the match by 135 runs.

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Best 6 ball 6 six: Whose over was greatest?

Now, the real tough question: On the 6 ball 6 six record list in international cricket, which one was the best?

Looking at the four different occasions entries on the 6 ball 6 six record list were made, one innings stands out. Here's a look at all of the teams that were on the receiving end of this record:

  • The Netherlands
  • England
  • Sri Lanka
  • Papua New Guinea

Of these four nations, only two are Full Members of the ICC (England and Sri Lanka) while two are Associate Members (the Netherlands and Papua New Guinea).

This makes it quite easy to say that while what Herschelle Gibbs and Jaskaran Malhotra achieved was impressive, the fact that it was achieved against an associate nation makes it slightly less significant.

That narrows the best entry on the 6 ball 6 six record list to two: Yuvraj Singh vs England, and Kieron Pollard vs Sri Lanka.

best six ball six sixes
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Pollard gets an honourable mention for the match situation.

The batsman came in off the back of a hat-trick against his team, and managed to dig his side out of a potentially tricky spot with his six sixes in an over. However, the fact that this was a regular ODI match, and it was played in West Indian conditions, mitigates it slightly.

Our award for the best entry on the 6 ball 6 six record list goes to Yuvraj Singh.

This is due to the team, the bowler, and the context. England is a cricketing giant, and Stuart Broad is one of the best bowlers to walk the face of the planet. To strike six sixes against him, in a World Cup match, is simply phenomenal.

The fact that it was achieved off the back of some heated words with Flintoff just makes it all the more epic.

IPL 6 ball 6 six record list: The feat that has eluded batsmen for 16 seasons

Synonymous with the IPL is big hitting, and sixes raining down on the crowd.

It's surprising to learn then, that despite 16 seasons of IPL action, no batsman has struck 6 ball 6 sixes in the IPL. However, a few have come close, the following hitting five 6s in an over in the IPL:

  • Chris Gayle vs Pune Warriors (IPL 2012)
  • Rahul Tewatia vs Kings XI Punjab (IPL 2020)
  • Ravi Jadeja vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL 2021)
  • Rinku Singh vs Gujarat Titans (IPL 2023)

Jason Holder and Marcus Stoinis also combined to hit five sixes in an over between them against the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2022.

6 ball 6 six record list
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As well as this, two players have scored 37 run overs in the IPL:

  • Chris Gayle off Prasanth Parameswaran in IPL 2011 (6, 6nb, 4, 4, 6, 6, 4)
  • Ravi Jadeja off Harshal Patel in IPL 2021 (6, 6, 6nb, 6, 2, 6, 4)

What Indian batsmen are on the 6 ball 6 six record list?

Struggling to remember the 6 ball 6 six Indian player name?

That might be because while Yuvraj Singh is the only Indian batsman on the international 6 ball 6 six record list, several others have achieved the feat in first-class cricket. Here's a look at the 6 ball 6 six record list in India batsmen:

  1. Ravi Shastri (1985)
  2. Yuvraj Singh (2007)
  3. Ruturaj Gaikwad (2022)

Ravi Shastri became the first Indian player name on the 6 ball 6 six record list. Playing for Bombay against Baroda, Shastri took on Tilak Raj, a left-arm spinner, pummeling the bowler for six sixes in an over.

Ironically, Shastri was more known for being a defensive player at the time. He would also go on to be the commentator calling the match when Herschelle Gibbs first achieved the 6 ball 6 sixes feat in international cricket.

6 ball 6 six indian player name
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Despite Ruturaj Gaikwad playing his magical innings in a Vijay Hazare Trophy match, the opener holds the prestigious record of being the first ever batsman to hit 7 sixes in an over.

With Uttar Pradesh's Shiva Singh bowling the penultimate over of the match, Gaikwad struck four sixes, then dispatched a no-ball over the ropes, before adding another two maximums.

In doing so, Gaikwad made a double century as well. Quite an entry to the 6 ball 6 six record list.

All-time 6 ball 6 six record list

There are a few honourable mentions that no article on the 6 ball 6 six record list would be complete without. Despite not being achieved in international cricket, the following batsmen have also struck six balls six sixes:

1. Sir Garfield Sobers (1968)

The legendary West Indian all rounder was the first ever man to have his name recorded in the six ball six sixes record list. Against Glamorgan, Sobers padded up for Nottinghamshire to face bowler Malcolm Nash, and struck the first five balls of the over for six.

On the final ball, it appeared as though Sobers had come agonisingly close as he was caught on the boundary – only for the fielder to step over the ropes, and make Sir Garfield Sobers the first batsman to hit a 6 ball 6 sixes over.

2. Ross Whitely (2017)

In a match between the Worcestershire Rapids and Yorkshire Vikings, Ross Whitely did what few men have done before.

With spinner Karl Carver the unfortunate victim, Whitely treated the Headingly crowd to a double hat-trick of maximums, pummeling six sixes in an over in the T20 Blast match. Incredibly, Whitely's efforts were on the losing side, as David Willey crushed 118 from 55 to win the match for Yorkshire.

3. Hazratullah Zazai (2018)

The man who became famous for his big hits playing tennis ball cricket in the streets of Afghanistan has also made his way to the 6 ball 6 sixes record list.

Hazratullah Zazai bullied his way to six consecutive maximums off the bowling of Abdullah Mazari in the Afghanistan Premier League, almost losing several balls along the way.

4. Leo Carter (2020)

Kiwi Leo Carter also made a bowler famous for all the wrong reasons, when he joined the 6 ball 6 six record list while playing for the Canterbury Kings in 2020.

Against the Northern Knights, Carter made 70 from just 29 balls in this Super Smash game in New Zealand. His efforts would lead Canterbury to a seven wicket win, with an over to spare.

5. Thisara Perera (2021)

Rounding out our all-time 6 ball 6 six record list is Thisara Perera is the only Sri Lankan to achieve the feat. The all rounder did so playing for Army Sports CC when they came up against Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club.

Perera's hectic over saw him race to a half century off just 13 balls, which was the second fastest 50 in List A cricket ever.

Who will be the next batsman to add their name to this list? Will it be the IPL 6 ball 6 six record list that is broken? Or will another Indian name be added to the 6 ball 6 six record list?

FAQ – 6 ball 6 six record list

How many people hit 6 sixes in 6 balls?

Only four cricket players have ever hit six sixes in six balls in international cricket. These are Yuvraj Singh, Herschelle Gibbs, Kieron Pollard and Jaskaran Malhotra.

Who hit 6 sixes in 6 balls in IPL?

Three players have hit 6 ball 6 six in the IPL. These are Yuvraj Singh, Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard.

Who scored 6 balls 6 sixes in IPL 2023?

While the Royal Challenge Bangalore's Faf Du Plessis struck a whopping 36 sixes in the IPL 2023, no player was able to join the 6 ball 6 six record list in 2023.

Has anyone taken 6 wickets in 6 balls?

Never have six wickets been taken in six balls in international cricket. However, there are two recorded instances of this occurring in first class cricket.

The first was more than 70 years ago, in a 1951 Thomas Hunter Cup game. The second took place just last year, when Push Sports Delhi lost a wicket on every single ball of their final over against Malaysia Club XI in the Nepal Pro Club Championship.

Which player hit 7 sixes in an over?

Ruturaj Gaikwad holds the record for the most sixes hit in an over, crushing 7 sixes in an over for Maharashtra against Utter Pradesh in the 2022 Vijay Hazare Trophy. The record was possible courtesy of a no-ball by Shiva Singh, conceding 43 runs total in the over.

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