6 Ball 6 Six Record List 2023

If a bowler takes three wickets in three deliveries, it’s a hat trick. Have you wondered what’s equivalent to a hat trick for a batsman? If you haven’t already guessed, it is 6 ball 6 sixes. Neither a hat trick nor 6 sixes in an over are ordinary events. In this article, we will cover the 6 ball 6 six record list in international cricket and the batsmen who have achieved this feat.

The 6 ball 6 six Record List

Here's the list of international players who smashed 6 sixes in an over.

  1. Herschelle Gibbs vs Netherlands
  2. Yuvraj Singh vs England
  3. Kieron Pollard vs Sri Lanka
  4. Jaskaran Malhotra vs Papa New Guinea

Let's take a look at each of these innings in detail. Let's start with charismatic Herschelle Gibbs against the Netherlands in the 2007 ODI World Cup.

  1. Herschelle Gibbs vs Netherlands – 2007 ODI World Cup

The former South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs is the first player to make it to this 6 ball 6 sixes record list in international cricket. A showstopper, Gibbs achieved this feat against the Netherlands during the 2007 ODI World Cup. Daan van Bunge was at the receiving end of this miraculous event.

6 ball 6 six record list

Bunge came in for the 30th over of the innings. What followed made it an event to remember in the history of cricket. To start the proceedings, Gibbs danced down the pitch and smashed the ball over long on for the first six of the over.

The second six came similarly but over long off. The third six went in the same direction. Under pressure, the poor leg spinner gifted a full toss which got dispatched over mid-wicket. The crowd went berserk and everyone was on their feet expecting Gibbs to make 6 ball 6 six record list. And boy, he delivered.

The short delivery on the fifth ball got dispatched over long off once again. To stop Gibbs from hitting 6 sixes in a row, Bunge decided to bowl a medium pace delivery. However, the outcome did not change. The short delivery got pulled over mid-wicket, and Gibbs made it to the 6 ball 6 six record list.

South Africa ended with 353/3 in 40 overs as the match was curtailed due to rains. Gibbs played handsomely for his 72 runs in just 40 deliveries.

  1. Yuvraj Singh vs England – 2007 T20I World Cup

The Indian talisman made it to the of 6 balls 6 six record list during the inaugural 2007 T20 World Cup in Durban against England. The bowler in this case was Stuard Broad.

The lead-up to the event was heated arguments between England player Andrew Flintoff and Yuvraj Singh. Interestingly Stuart Broad had nothing to do with all the words exchanged but he bared the brunt of Yuvraj’s rage.

India was already in a strong position at 171/3 after 18 overs. Yuvraj Singh looked all pumped up after the heated exchange with Flintoff and hit the first ball of the 19th over for a six over mid-wicket.

6 ball 6 six record list

The first six was followed by consecutive sixes over square-leg, long-off, a deep point off a full toss and the fifth ball over square leg. Yuvraj was hitting Broad all over the ground, and he, along with the crowd, seemed to enjoy it immensely.

Everyone wanted a 6-ball 6 six over and as you expect from Yuvraj, he slogged the last ball over long-on, inscribing his name in the 6 ball 6 sixes record list in international cricket.

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India went on to win the match and eventually the inaugural T20 World Cup.

  1. Kieron Pollard vs Sri Lanka – 2021 Sri Lanka Tour of West Indies

The Caribbean making it to the 6 ball 6 sixes record list in International cricket is Kieron Pollard. Pollard is known for his hard-hitting and match-winning knocks. This particular knock came in 2021 in a home game against Sri Lanka, chasing a paltry total.

West Indies was required to chase a target of 132 set by Srilanka in the first match of the series between West Indies and Sri Lanka in Antigua. West Indies got off to an excellent start and steadily progressed towards achieving the target.

Just then, Akila Dananjaya, registered a hat trick to bring Sri Lanka back into the game. Pollard walked in to bat and decided to take charge of the chase.

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Pollard is a true example of “Play the ball, not the bowler”. Dananjaya had no idea of what was coming in when he started his next over.

6 ball 6 six record list

Pollard intended to send the first ball over mid-on but the mishit sent it over mid-wicket. The shot's power was enough to go over the ropes. The next two sixes came down the ground. Pollard reached 20 runs off 7 deliveries in no time.

He continued to take Dananjaya to the cleaners in the next three deliveries and made it to the 6 ball 6 six record list.

  1. Jaskaran Malhotra vs Papa New Guinea – 2021 ODI Series

Jaskaran Malhotra joined the 6 ball 6 six record list after hitting Gaudi Toka from Papa New Guinea for 36 runs in an over.

Jaskaran playing for the USA had already scored a century and was facing the last over of the innings. He started the over with a massive hit over long-on, followed by sixes over covers, long-off, and all across the park in the remaining delivered.

Jaskaran brought up 150 runs in the process and remained unbeaten with 173 runs to his name. USA finished with a total of 271 runs and went on to win the match by 135 runs.

6 ball 6 six record list


Apart from these stalwarts featuring in the 6 ball 6 six record list, several other players have achieved a similar feat in domestic and first-class tournaments. Other players who have hit 6 ball 6 six include the likes of Gary Sobers, Ravi Shastri, Hazratullah Zazai, Ross Whitely, and others.

The latest addition to the list is Indian youngster Ruturaj Gaikwad who scored 42 runs in an over for his state team Maharashtra. A no-ball from Shiva, the bowler on the receiving end, helped Ruturaj Gaikwad hit 7 sixes in an over. With this, he made a world record for most runs in a List A over by a single batter.