IPL 2024 set to see smart replay system for better decision-making

To make sure decisions in IPL 2024 are spot-on and quick, a new tool called the Smart Replay System has been introduced. This system will help players and fans get faster and more accurate calls during matches.

Under this new system, the TV umpire will get direct inputs from two Hawk-Eye operators who will be in the same room. This means there won't be a middleman anymore. The TV umpire will now have access to images from Hawk-Eye's eight high-speed cameras spread around the ground, giving them more information to make better decisions.

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IPL 2024 sees smart replay system

One big improvement with this system is that the TV umpire can now see split-screen visuals. This means they can look at different angles of the same event at the same time. For example, they can see if a fielder caught the ball cleanly while also seeing if their feet were inside the boundary rope.

Additionally, the Smart Replay System provides clearer footage for the umpires. They can now see important moments like stumpings and catches from multiple angles, making it easier to make the right call.

IPL 2024 sees smart replay system
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What exactly has changed?

In each IPL match, eight Hawk-Eye cameras are positioned, primarily for ball tracking and UltraEdge. However, the new Smart Review System revolutionizes decision-making. In stumping referrals, the TV umpire can request a split screen, bypassing UltraEdge if a gap between ball and bat is evident.

For stumpings, the system offers tri-vision, incorporating side-on and front-on camera footage into a single frame, ensuring accurate decisions. Additionally, the system enhances clarity for catches near the turf by providing synchronized footage, reducing controversies. This advancement ensures more accurate and efficient decision-making, minimizing debates and promoting fair play in IPL 2024.

This would ensure better visuals for close ground catches that create a lot of confusion. Under the Smart Review System, Hawk-Eye will immediately present a single frame containing images from both front-on and side-on angles. This allows the TV umpire to swiftly analyze the footage and choose to zoom in from a specific angle as needed, streamlining the decision-making process.

This system also aims to make the review process faster. It cuts out unnecessary steps and focuses on what's important. For instance, if a ball might have hit the batter's leg before hitting the stumps, the TV umpire will be told immediately to check that first.

The Smart Replay System is a big upgrade for IPL umpiring. By using advanced technology and simplifying the review process, it helps umpires make better decisions quickly. This means players can trust the calls made on the field, and fans can enjoy the game without long delays.

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As IPL 2024 gets ready to start, the Smart Replay System promises to make the tournament even more exciting and fair. With quicker and better decisions, a lot of the controversies surrounding third umpire calls will now hopefully be averted.


Rohit is an experienced cricket writer based in India