MI vs KKR head to head IPL record: Stats, total matches and history

MI vs KKR head to head is a popular match-up in India's Indian Premier League (IPL), a professional Twenty20 cricket competition. Both teams have a significant fan base and are well-known for their outstanding performances in the IPL.

When MI and KKR play each other in the IPL, it is always a highly anticipated match-up, as both teams have a history of playing high-quality cricket and has some of the best players in the league. It is difficult to predict the outcome of any given match, as both teams are capable of winning on their day.

Several Indian Premier League matches have the extra spice of the historic rivalry between the two teams competing in the game. One of these matches is the MI versus KKR game, which always draws a large crowd and creates a lot of excitement before the game begins. But it is also one of the most one-sided encounters in the history of any T20 competition. Both KKR and MI struggled in the last season of the IPL 2022. The teams will face off in the 2019 season on April 16 at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium.

MI vs KKR head to head

Mumbai Indians have won 22 of the 31 meetings between the two teams, while Kolkata has only won 9.

Matches played 31
MI won 22
KKR won 9
Tie 0

MI vs KKR match results

The IPL match between MI and KKR is typically a thrilling and fiercely contested game. Both teams feature some of the league's greatest players and a history of playing high-quality cricket. When MI and KKR meet, it is generally a clash of two great bowling squads. This Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders head to head will be a great contest.

Date Winner Won By Venue
9-may-2022 Kolkata Knight Riders 52 runs Mumbai
6-Apr-2022 Kolkata Knight Riders 5 wickets Pune
23-Sept-2021 Kolkata Knight Riders 7 Wickets Abu Dhabi
13-Apr-2021 Mumbai Indians 8 Runs Chennai
16-Oct-2020 Mumbai Indians 8 Wickets Abu Dhabi
23-Sep-2020 Mumbai Indians 49 Runs Abu Dhabi
5-May-2019 Mumbai Indians 9 Wickets Mumbai
28-Apr-2019 Kolkata Knight Riders 34 Runs Kolkata
9-May-2018 Mumbai Indians 102 Runs Kolkata
6-May-2018 Mumbai Indians 13 Runs Mumbai
19-May-2017 Mumbai Indians 7 Wickets Bengaluru
13-May-2017 Mumbai Indians 9 Runs Kolkata
9-Apr-2017 Mumbai Indians 4 Wickets Mumbai
28-Apr-2016 Mumbai Indians 6 Wickets Mumbai
13-Apr-2016 Mumbai Indians 6 Wickets Kolkata
14-May-2015 Mumbai Indians 5 Runs Mumbai
8-Apr-2015 Kolkata Knight Riders 7 Wickets Kolkata
16-May-2014 Kolkata Knight Riders 41 Runs Abu Dhabi
14-May-2014 Kolkata Knight Riders 6 Wickets Cuttack
7-May-2013 Mumbai Indians 65 Runs Mumbai
24-Apr-2013 Mumbai Indians 5 Wickets Kolkata
16-May-2012 Kolkata Knight Riders 32 Runs Mumbai
12-May-2012 Mumbai Indians 27 Runs Kolkata
25-May-2011 Mumbai Indians 4 Wickets Mumbai
22-May-2011 Mumbai Indians 5 Wickets Kolkata
19-Apr-2010 Kolkata Knight Riders 9 Wickets Kolkata
22-Mar-2010 Mumbai Indians 7 Wickets Mumbai (BS)
1-May-2009 Mumbai Indians 9 Runs East London
27-April-2009 Mumbai Indians 92 Runs Port Elizabeth
16-May-2008 Mumbai Indians 8 Wickets Mumbai
29-April-2008 Mumbai Indians 7 Wickets Kolkata

MI vs KKR IPL stats

Most runs

In the MI vs KKR head to head in IPL, Rohit Sharma scored the most runs (904), followed by Suryakumar Yadav (480) and Gautam Gambhir (349). Rohit recorded his lone IPL century against KKR at Eden Gardens in 2012. Gambhir, Tendulkar and Pollard have all retired from the IPL since and have taken on coaching duties.

Player name Runs
Rohit Sharma 904
Suryakumar Yadav 480
Gautam Gambhir 349
Sachin Tendulkar 326
Kieron Pollard 309

Most wickets

Sunil Narine has taken the most wickets so far, with 23, followed by Lasith Malinga (20) and Jasprit Bumrah (20). Lasith Malinga is currently the bowling coach of RR, and Hardik Pandya is the captain of Gujarat.

Player name Wickets
Sunil Narine 23
Jasprit Bumrah 20
Lasith Malinga 20
Andre Russel 13
Hardik Pandya 11

The best match in the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders head to head.

KKR batted first in this topsy-turvy contest and smashed 232 runs in their 20 overs. KKR got off to a decent start, with opener Shubman Gill scoring a half-century. KKR only lost 2 wickets in their entire innings and maintained a great run rate throughout the innings. After losing Shubman Gill and Chris Lynn, Andre Russell stepped up and smashed 80 runs off just 40 balls, including eight sixes and six fours. They set up a huge total for MI to chase down.

In the second innings, MI could have gotten off to a better start as they lost their top order cheaply. It was a one man show in Hardik Pandya. MI continued to pile on the runs, with Hardik Pandya smashing a blistering 91 off just 34 balls, including nine sixes. He smashed the KKR bowlers all over the park; however, it was too late, as they fell short by 34 runs.

This match was memorable for Hardik Pandya's valiant effort and Andre Russell's breath taking innings, which almost took KKR to a remarkable win. It was a great example of the unpredictability of T20 cricket and how even a seemingly impossible total can be chased down with some explosive batting.

Can KKR improve their record against the MI, or will MI continue to dominate KKR? The 2023 MI vs KKR head to head contest will have the answers to that question.