Most losses in IPL in a row: Pune Warriors, Delhi Daredevils & more

The record for the most losses in IPL goes to Pune Warriors India and Delhi Daredevils.

These two franchises had this poor run in 2012-13 and 2014-15, and the record has not been broken since. A few teams have endured a poor run of winless streak and here we are going to discuss the teams with the most consecutive losses in the IPL.

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Most losses in IPL in a row teams

Pune Warriors India – 11 losses (2012-13)

Pune Warriors India made their IPL debut in 2011, but their time in the league was disastrous, to say the least. They began with two straight wins but then lost seven in a row. They ended that season with only four wins from 14 games.

It was the same story in their next season as well. They won four of the first seven games in the 2012 season but ended up losing the next nine matches on the trot.

The streak continued when they lost the first two games of the IPL 2013, taking the tally to 11 consecutive losses in the league, the most losses in IPL. The record still stands to this day. 

Following the IPL 2023, Pune Warriors India’s contract was terminated by the Indian Cricket Board and the franchise was discontinued from the league. In their three years, PWI played 45 matches and lost 33 of those, enduring a miserable journey. 

Delhi Daredevils – 11 losses (2014-15)

Delhi Daredevils, currently known as Delhi Capitals, have been part of the IPL since its inception but have never won a trophy. They're one of the three teams to have played all seasons but not won a single championship.

They reached the semifinals in the first two editions of the tournament but failed to make it to the playoffs in 2010 and 2011. 

In the IPL 2012, Delhi won 11 out of 16 games to reach the playoffs but their fortunes took a turn for the worse in the following years.

They lost 12 out of 16 games in the next season and the poor run continued in the IPL 2014 as well. Delhi lost 12 out of 14 games in that season, suffering nine defeats in a row.

They began the 2015 campaign with two losses, stretching the streak for the most consecutive defeats to 11, the highest most losses in IPL.

Kolkata Knight Riders – 9 losses (2009)

Kolkata Knight Riders have had a rollercoaster of a journey in the Indian Premier League. They are the third most successful franchise in the league behind Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, having won the IPL three times.

However, their early years were very mediocre and full of controversies. 

The IPL 2009 campaign remains the darkest time in their history. They were grappled with off-the-field drama, including sacking Sourav Ganguly as the captain.

Brendon McCullum led the team but their performance on the field was abysmal too. KKR finished at the bottom with just three wins in 14 games and suffered a nine-match losing streak.  

Pune Warriors India – 9 losses (2013)

Pune Warriors India just never managed to build a decent side or get any momentum in any of their three seasons in the IPL.

After suffering 11 consecutive losses in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, they broke the streak with a win over Rajasthan Royals. They also managed to beat the two-time champions Chennai Super Kings, but things went downhill again. 

Pune went on to lose the next nine games on the trot, equalling the record for the most losses in IPL in a season among teams. 

Mumbai Indians – 8 losses (2022)

Mumbai Indians are the joint most successful franchise in the IPL, having won five championships. However, since winning back-to-back titles in 2019 and 2020, they have endured a rough phase in the last three years. 

The IPL 2022 turned out to be the worst moment in their history as they finished at the bottom of the table with only four wins in 14 games.

Mumbai Indians are known to be slow starters in every season, but it took too long for them to fire the engine that season as they lost their first eight games on the bounce. Mumbai Indians found some form at the back end of the season, winning four of the six games. 

Delhi Daredevils – 8 losses (2012-13)

Delhi Daredevils, who have the joint record for the most consecutive losses in the IPL, make it on this list for the second time for their earlier 2012-13 run. Delhi had a pretty good season in 2012, where they finished top of the table with 11 wins to reach the playoffs. 

But Delhi lost Qualifier 1 against Kolkata Knight Riders and Qualifier 2 versus Chennai Super Kings to crash out of the tournament. They had a horrible start to their 2013 season, where they lost the first six games, taking the tally of most consecutive losses to eight. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore – 7 losses (2019)

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Royal Challengers Bangalore have been proper entertainers in the IPL although they have never won a single trophy in all these years. RCB saw their worst phase in its history from 2017 to 2019, where they failed to make the playoffs in all three seasons and finished at the bottom in two of those.

Bangalore lost their final group fixture in 2018 and then suffered their most losses in IPL – six – to begin the next season, making it seven consecutive losses. 

Deccan Chargers – 7 losses (2008)

The now-defunct Deccan Chargers franchise clinched the title in 2009 but had a disastrous season in the inaugural IPL edition. Packed with some of the top superstars in the game, Deccan Chargers just could not get going as they finished at the bottom with just two wins in 14 games.

They were winless in the second half of the season, suffering seven consecutive losses. 

Pune Warriors India – 7 losses (2011)

This was the start of Pune Warriors India's nightmare of a run in the IPL. After winning the first two games in their debut season, they lost the next seven games in a row.

PWI’s time in the IPL can be summed up by the fact that they make three appearances on this unwanted list of the most consecutive losses by a team in the IPL.


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