The Bio Bubble: How IPL 2020 Will Ensure the Safety of Everyone Involved

The Indian Premier League (IPL) fans were extremely excited since the IPL Governing Council announced that the league will be back this season. This season will be called the Dream11 IPL 2020 and it will happen on September 19 until November 10 of this year. However, due to COVID-19 concerns in India, the tournament is being staged in the UAE.

Since March, many sports events were cancelled and postponed because of the pandemic. Since then, many were apprehensive of the challenges that the sports industry might face in getting back to its feet. However, in May when the German Bundesliga returned, it indeed set an example as this took place behind closed doors.

Soutav Ganguly BCCI chairman
In August, BCCI announced IPL 2020 to be staged in the UAE (Photo Credits: IANS)

It was mainly in May when other sports leagues also confirmed that they will be returning this year. So far, many football leagues have already returned and the NBA has also already started. It was in August when the return of the IPL 2020 was announced.

This is something that the IPL fans and even the players themselves were looking forward to. Punters are also looking forward to its return and since people are still staying at home to be safe, online betting will likely be boosted. The best IPL betting rates in India is surely something that the people are now looking for.

Now, the return of the IPL is well-thought of. After all, the safety of everybody is still the main concern of the governing body. And so, how will they make sure that everyone is safe from the virus during the entire IPL 2020?

What is Bio-Bubble?

Bio Bubble in IPL 2020
Bio Bubble in IPL 2020 (Photo source: Instagram)

Sports like basketball, football, and cricket are considered as high-contact sports and so this could be considered very risky. However, football and basketball have already started and so far, these sports events have been doing good. This is mainly thanks to the bio-secure bubble. This allows everyone involved in a sports event to push through with what they all have to do at minimal risks.

If you’ve never heard of a bio-secure bubble or bio bubble before, it just really means that everyone involved in the sports event will have to stay in a secure place or space. The involved people should have no physical contact with anyone that is not part of the bubble.

Since no contact from the outside bubble will be made, this reduces the risk of anybody in the group to be infected with the virus. This is why once a person enters the bubble, they will no longer be allowed to go outside of it. They are being isolated. Think of self-isolating but in groups.

Testing in Bio-Bubble

The people in the bubble will have to follow the protocol and remain inside until this year’s IPL is finished. However, during their stay in the bubble, testing will still take place. The testing will be done by authorized sports individuals. Not only the players but also the staff and match officials will also be tested times and again. There will also be zoning within the bubble. The players, the staff, the operations body, the match officials, and even the broadcasting teams will have designated zones and they all have to remain in their places at all times.

If in case any breach happens and if protocols are not followed by anyone in the bubble, the IPL Governing Council has said that they will take strict actions. Any breach can be harmful and can jeopardize the team, and this is why the governing council will be taking everything seriously.

If a player is guilty of breaching any protocol, he will have to be isolated. The player can still be allowed to enter the bubble, but he will need to have two negative test results for this.

Challenges in a Bio-bubble

The Bubble does sound like an extreme measure to keep live sports going during the pandemic, but this is necessary and it would help the people involved feel safe while they are outdoors. What’s challenging about staying in the bubble is how lonely it can be. Staying in the bubble would require immense mental strength because they will have to be in there for more than two months.

Pat Cummins will play for KKR in IPL 2020
Australian bowling spearhead Pat Cummins will play for KKR in IPL 2020 (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Australian cricketer Pat Cummins spoke about this recently. He said, “In terms of the mental challenge over here, for sure, it is a long tour and when you add the IPL, you probably go on, especially without seeing your families. “The important thing is you have to be prepared and come up with a game plan to manage yourself.”