How to play Dream11 fantasy games? Everything you need to know

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In a country that is crazy for cricket, the Dream11 phenomenon has changed the landscape of fantasy gaming in India. Millions of fantasy players flock to Dream11 games every day with the hope of winning big cash prizes.

The World Cup, which will run from October 5, is the time of the year when most cricket lovers turn to fantasy gaming. If you are new to the world of fantasy gaming, we are here to give you a detailed guide on how to play Dream 11

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is a fantasy gaming platform that allows you to pick a sports team and join contests in mega leagues as well as privately. Crores of cash prizes are up for grabs every day.

Dream11 instantly became popular among young cricket enthusiasts and there have been many similar platforms launched since then. The Dream11 team game has contests for other sports as well such as football, kabaddi, basketball and others but we will give a guide with cricket in mind as it is the most popular sport in the country.

Here's how to play Dream11 fantasy games

Getting started on Dream11 app is simple. Just follow the steps below after you download the app:

Step 1: After clicking on a match, you will be directed to the ‘Create Team' page. This is where your knowledge of the sport comes into play. If Dream11 is banned in your city, you can use Express VPN and earn money with your winnings.

How to create team on Dream11

Step 2: As you know there are four types of players in cricket, that is four sections – Wicket-keeper, Batsmen, All Rounder and Bowler, and you need to select them. Now there are several rules for creating a team on Dream11 sports game and you need to follow those.

Earlier there were a lot more restrictions on how you could construct a fantasy team on Dream11, which still exists on the other platforms. But Dream11 has yet again shown they are ahead of their competitors and have made changes that make fantasy game a lot more fun.

  • Earlier you could pick only seven players from one team but that limit has been extended to 10 players.
  • There was a certain limit on the number of maximum and minimum players you could pick from one section. But that limit has been relaxed on Dream 11. What it means is you can now pick a maximum of eight players from any of the categories and a minimum of one player from the available pool.
  • You get a total of 100 credits, which runs the team. You can not finish your team without fitting in this limit.
  • You must name a captain and vice-captain to complete your team. A captain gets 2x points while a vice-captain earns 1.5x points.

Tips for creating a Dream11 team

Now that you know the general rules and process of creating a fantasy team, let's get into the bigger picture. As you know there are millions of fantasy players just like you trying to win and that means you have to stand out. To do that, you must follow the game closely to pick up more information that could help you pick a winning fantasy team. You should also pick a bowler who will pick more wicket and not only be economical.

Consider the conditions of the matches

This is perhaps the most important thing about fantasy game cricket. The conditions the matches being played in have a huge impact on the match as well as your Dream 11 contest.

If the match is being hosted at a venue which produces high-scoring matches, your best option is to load your team with more batters and all-rounders. Similarly, if the pitch has a history of favouring bowlers, you can pick more bowlers in your fantasy team. But there's another thing – some pitches favour fast bowlers while some pitches assist spinners.

Dream11 prediction
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Following the pitch report could be of great help as you can then decide whether to go bowling-heavy batting-heavy or balanced.

The toss plays a significant role in fantasy cricket. You have to understand if the pitch will get better for batting or more difficult, whether the chasing sides have more success at the venue or the teams batting first.

Dream11 allows you to make changes to the teams until the last moment so you can make some tweaks if a player has a change of mind after the toss and pitch report.

Picking Captain and Vice-captain

Step 3: Getting your captaincy picks right is half the job done in fantasy cricket. As we've already mentioned, a captain and vice-captain earn 2x and 1.5x points, respectively. So picking the right ones is crucial, not to mention luck plays a big role in this as well.

If you pick a captain that not many fantasy teams have chosen and that player goes on to produce a massive performance, you can win big cash prizes.

Keep in mind the contest you're joining

This is one of the major problems new fantasy players face as they simply don't consider which contests they are joining.

Winning big amounts in grand/mega leagues is extremely difficult as not only you're competing with millions of other fantasy players but also need an enormous amount of luck. The biggest mistake inexperienced fantasy players make in grand leagues is picking top players and captaining the most obvious candidates. These are the contests where you need to focus on the differentials – that is players that are not picked by most fantasy teams.

If you are playing small leagues, you can captain the most dependable candidates and a few differential players. This will give you more points.

Join contests in Dream11

Step 4: Once you create your fantasy team, you can join whichever contest you want on Dream11. Mega Leagues have crores of cash prizes on offer while smaller leagues have smaller prize pools.

As we've already explained, winning in mega leagues is not an easy thing and hence regular fantasy players prefer playing in small leagues.

Depending on the number of spots in a contest, you can join in with either one team or multiple teams.

How to deposit money in a Dream11 account?

Step 5: Depositing funds in your Dream11 account is easy.

Just click on ‘My Balance' from the menu and there you will see the ‘add cash' option.

Once you add the amount you want to deposit, you will be directed to the payment window, where you can opt for any payment method, including UPI, Net banking and Credit/Debit cards.

Complete the payment and the funds will be added to your Dream 11 account instantly.

How to withdraw winnings from Dream11?

Similar to depositing funds, you can withdraw your winnings with ease. Click on ‘My Balance' and there you will see an option to ‘Verify to withdraw'. There you just need to verify your phone number, email address, PAN card and bank account.

Once you do that, you can withdraw your winnings whenever you want.


Is Dream11 safe to play?

Dream11 is completely safe to play and real. Dream11 holds a complete set of licenses and operates in strict compliance with the laws and regulations of India. Dream11 is authorized by the Indian government and operates operations in full accordance with the law.

What are fantasy points in Dream11?

Fantasy points are the total number of points your player, who is selected in the Dream11 team, earns per game.

Can I edit my Dream11 team after I create it?

A player is able to edit your team in Dream11 till the first ball of the match is bowled.

Can I edit my Dream11 team after the match starts?

A player cannot edit your Dream11 team after the first ball of the match has been bowled.


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