BBL Overseas Draft: Everything you need to know about the Big Bash League Drafts

The Big Bash League and Women's Big Bash League have built a reputation as one of the Premier T20 cricket tournaments for the Men’s & Women’s. The league is attracting a plethora of talented International players from round the globe. Cricket Australia prepares for the upcoming BBL and WBBL seasons, the board has confirmed the BBL Overseas Drafts, introducing an exciting opportunity for teams to secure top-quality players from around the world. With a revised draft system which includes an increased salary cap, the Big Bash is set for an intense bidding war as teams weigh up to grab the finest cricketing talent available.

“The confirmation of the order of selections for both Drafts is a key step for list managers and high-performance staff as they continue to shape their strategy for the coming seasons,” Alistair Dobson, CA’s General Manager of Big Bash Leagues, said in a statement on the BBL Overseas draft.

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“With two Drafts and the ability to trade Draft picks, it will be a busy and exciting time for all Clubs ahead. Some of the world’s best cricketers have already nominated for this year’s WBBL and BBL Drafts, we look forward to announcing their nominations as well as the players who are elevated to the Platinum List over the course of the next month.” Dobson explained the format of the BBL Overseas draft.

BBL overseas draft
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BBL Overseas Draft Order Determination

The order of the BBL Overseas draft for both the BBL draft and WBBL drafts was established through a weighted lottery system. The higher positions in the draft order were granted to the teams that failed to reach the finals in the previous season. The Melbourne Stars were awarded the coveted first pick in the BBL draft, while in the WBBL draft, the Sydney Thunder secured the number one spot. These two teams will be setting the stage for potential game-changing selections with a stroke of luck.

BBL Draft Lottery Results

Pick 1: Melbourne Stars

Pick 2: Strikers

Pick 3: Hobart Hurricanes

Pick 4: Melbourne Renegades

Pick 5: Sydney Thunder

Pick 6: Sydney Sixers

Pick 7: Brisbane Heat

Pick 8: Perth Scorchers

WBBL Draft Lottery Results

Pick 1: Sydney Thunder

Pick 2: Melbourne Renegades

Pick 3: Perth Scorchers

Pick 4: Melbourne Stars

Pick 5: Hobart Hurricanes

Pick 6: Brisbane Heat

Pick 7: Sydney Sixers

Pick 8: Adelaide Strikers

Our #BBL13Draft order is officially set 🔒

Who will teams select? International players can now nominate before the Draft is held on September 3! — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) July 17, 2023

BBL Overseas Draft Nomination and Categorization Process

Players are handed the chance to choose their price category along with their availability for the respective tournaments. The BBL is now a 10-game season, excluding the finals. With regards to this,  overseas players may not be available for the full tournament as a result of their international commitments or engagements in other leagues. The WBBL, on the other hand, offers a full 14-game season. This makes it more likely for the Women's International stars to be available for the entire tournament. The nomination process is open till the 20th of August. The nomination process of the BBL Overseas draft will allow the players to enter one of the four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Cricket Australia will determine the Platinum players based on nominations, while players themselves can choose to enter the Gold, Silver, or Bronze bands.

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Draft Format

The BBL draft and WBBL drafts will feature four rounds, with each round consisting of a unique combination of player categories for teams to choose from. In the first round, only Platinum players will be available for selection. The second round will include Platinum and Gold players, followed by Gold and Silver players in the third round. Finally, the fourth round will comprise Silver and Bronze players, offering teams a comprehensive range of talent to choose from. To ensure active participation, teams are required to make at least one selection per round and must choose a minimum of two players throughout the draft process. Additionally, teams have the flexibility to trade picks, potentially reshuffling the draft order.

The Drafts will feature four rounds, each with differing categories of players for the clubs to choose from:

Round 1 – Platinum only

Round 2 – Platinum and Gold

Round 3 – Gold and Silver

Round 4 – Silver and Bronze

BBL draft
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Financial Considerations

Cricket Australia has introduced revised salary bands for overseas players in the BBL. This came after the increase in the salary cap from AUD 1.9 million to AUD 3 million. Platinum players, the highest category, can now earn AUD 420,000. This is a significant increase from AUD 340,000 in the previous season. However, the payment will be dynamic on the availability of the players for the entire season. This includes the League stage and the finals, which span from December 7 to January 24. If a Platinum player is available for only 10 matches, their earnings will be AUD 400,000. Similarly, players available for nine matches will receive AUD 380,000, and those available for eight matches or less will earn AUD 360,000, regardless of the actual number of games played. Gold players will earn AUD 300,000, Silver players AUD 200,000, and Bronze players AUD 100,000, with no minimum match requirement for the latter two categories.

In the WBBL draft, Platinum players will earn AUD 110,000, to be paid by the clubs from the AUD 732,000 salary cap. Gold players will receive AUD 90,000, Silver players AUD 65,000, and Bronze players AUD 40,000.

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Impact of Availability

While the draft categories are solely based on price, player availability remains a critical consideration for teams. In the BBL, teams will have to determine whether the allure of a Platinum player outweighs the limited availability they may offer. With the WBBL boasting a longer season, teams may have a greater chance of securing international stars for the entire tournament.

As the BBL and WBBL Overseas Player Drafts approach, there is a great deal of anticipation and excitement in the cricketing world. The revised draft system, coupled with increased salary cap, has elevated the significance of these drafts in acquiring global cricketing talent. The upcoming drafts promise fierce competition and strategic maneuvering as teams aim to assemble the best possible lineups for the highly anticipated BBL and WBBL seasons.


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