Most Runs in a Calendar Year in Test Cricket | Most Test runs

Not a lot of Test matches have been played in the calendar year 2020. However, we take a look at Most runs in a calendar year in Test 2020. England opening batsman Dom Sibley tops the list for most Test runs scored in 2020.


Most runs in Test 2020:

DP Sibley (ENG)351291133*72.7568242.66100451
AD Mathews (SL)231277200*138.5069539.85110205
M Labuschagne (AUS)120274215137.0043762.70110221
BA Stokes (ENG)35026912053.8037272.31110316
CR Ervine (ZIM)36026710744.5053050.37110265
OJ Pope (ENG)352266135*88.6646956.71120351
Q de Kock (SA)3602517641.8345655.04030351


Currently, Mohammad Yousuf tops the list for a batter with most runs in a calendar year in Test cricket. The Pakistan’batsman achieved this feat in 2006, scoring 1788 runs in 19 innings at an average of 99.33.


Here’s the complete list of players with Most runs in a calendar year in Test cricket:

Mohammad Yousuf (PAK)200611191178820299.33285462.6493122212
IVA Richards (WI)197611190171029190.001584+72.85*750179+7
GC Smith (SA)200815252165623272.00251665.816612154
MJ Clarke (AUS)2012111831595329*106.33241865.965301896
SR Tendulkar (INDIA)201014233156221478.10279455.9075018110
SM Gavaskar (INDIA)197918271155522159.802433+47.43*580177+3+
RT Ponting (AUS)200515285154420767.13251861.3166117811
RT Ponting (AUS)2003111831503257100.20249460.266411807
KC Sangakkara (SL)201412221149331971.09270755.1549116111
MP Vaughan (ENG)200214262148119761.70242261.1462318611
JL Langer (AUS)200414270148121554.85269754.9154217210
JE Root (ENG)201617322147725449.23243360.7031011701
SPD Smith (AUS)201513244147421573.70237462.086501677
JM Bairstow (ENG)2016172941470167*58.80252558.213811458
V Sehwag (INDIA)200814271146231956.23170385.8436118122
V Sehwag (INDIA)201014252142217361.82156690.8058221510
SR Tendulkar (INDIA)200216261139219355.68256854.204531974
ML Hayden (AUS)200114253139120363.22221362.8555216920
GR Viswanath (INDIA)197918262138817957.832054+46.20*560127+1
JE Root (ENG)2015142631385182*60.21217463.70310115810
RB Simpson (AUS)196414263138131160.041572+45.10*3721351
ML Hayden (AUS)200515293138013853.07255054.115421756
DL Amiss (ENG)1974132221379262*68.95312644.115301601
AN Cook (ENG)201514261136426354.56312343.673811500
R Dravid (INDIA)200216263135721759.00323741.925501890
DR Martyn (AUS)200414262135316156.37260351.976511485
BC Lara (WI)200310191134420974.66212963.1255017816
KP Pietersen (ENG)200614261134315853.72205765.2846117115
RT Ponting (AUS)200610183133319688.86219360.787401397
IJL Trott (ENG)201014244132522666.25268049.444401480
ME Trescothick (ENG)200513240132319455.12209963.0344318011
V Kohli (INDIA)201813240132215355.08243354.335521442
AD Mathews (SL)201412216131716087.80265449.6238013316
DA Warner (AUS)201513240131725354.87160981.8547216311
ML Hayden (AUS)200312214131238077.17173475.6653015620
SM Gavaskar (INDIA)1983183241310236*46.781098+50.27*553122+3
SPD Smith (AUS)201711203130523976.76257350.716301402
JH Kallis (SA)200411215128816280.50254050.7057214812
AN Cook (ENG)2010142421287235*58.50235054.765401483
ST Jayasuriya (SL)199711190127134066.89194765.273721409
AN Cook (ENG)201617333127013042.33244751.902701511
GA Gooch (ENG)19909171126433379.00226755.754511528
HM Amla (SA)2010111931249253*78.06235453.055401382
AN Cook (ENG)201215293124919048.03298141.894321385
KC Sangakkara (SL)200611202124228769.00210459.034411653
DC Boon (AUS)1993162551241164*62.05302541.024741491
TT Samaraweera (SL)200911203123423172.58211558.344411704
BC Lara (WI)199512202122217967.88166073.614611921
AJ Stewart (ENG)199816313122216443.64259947.012721520
PA de Silva (SL)199711193122016876.25207558.797221496
MA Taylor (AUS)198911201121921964.15276644.074501252
V Kohli (INDIA)201612182121523575.93201160.414201342
Younis Khan (PAK)201410203121321371.35221754.7162110112
JH Kallis (SA)20079173121018686.42231952.175611357


(Stat Courtesy: ESPNCricinfo)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) / Most Asked Questions


Q: Most runs in a Calendar year in Test cricket?

Ans: Mohammad Yousuf scored most runs in a calendar year in Test cricket in 2006. Yousuf scored 1788 Test runs at an average of 99.33 including nine centuries and three fifties.

Q: Most runs in a calendar year in Test cricket for India?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar scored most runs in a calendar year in Test cricket in 2010 for India. He scored 1562 runs at an average of 78.10.

Q: Most runs in a calendar year 2018?

Ans: Virat Kohli scored most runs in a calendar year 2018 including Tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

Q: Most runs in Test cricket 2019?

Ans: Marnus Labuschagne scored most Test runs in 2019.

Q: Most runs in Test cricket 2020?

Ans: Dom Sibley has scored most Test runs in 2020. Sibley has scored 291 runs at an average of 72.75.