MI vs KKR Head to Head IPL Records, Stats, and All Match Results


Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is by far one of the most anticipated rivalries in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The MI vs KKR head to head rivalry in IPL is nothing new to cricket fans. Five-time winners Mumbai Indians and two-time winners Kolkata Knight Riders have always been super competitive and have relentlessly faced each other in seasons of IPL.

mi vs kkr head to head

There haven’t been quite dramatic ends to their fixtures, but the game's outcome is unpredictable until the very end. The two cities have legends in the face of Sourav Ganguly & Sachin Tendulkar who have laid the foundation of the rivalry between the two teams today. Talking about the MI vs KKR head to head stats in the IPL, Mumbai Indians have dominated the Knight riders with 22 wins off 31 games played so far.

Here’s a closer look at the MI vs KKR head to head IPL records, stats, and history:

MI vs KKR Head to Head records

Mumbai Indians have been highly dominant against KKR over the years, and here are the KKR vs MI head to head stats that will tell you about what the record stands as of today.

Matches Played 31
MI won 22
KKR won 9
Tie 0
No result 0

MI vs KKR all IPL match results

Mumbai Indians have had a spectacular run against the Kolkata Knight Riders and the head to head MI vs KKR stats speak for themselves. With a win percentage of about 71%, MI have completely ruled out KKR from ever being dominant against the five-time winners of the coveted trophy. The table below shows the list of 31 encounters between the two sides and the outcomes the teams faced over the years.

Date Winner Won by Venue
29/04/2008 Mumbai Indians 7 wickets Kolkata
16/05/2008 Mumbai Indians 8 wickets Mumbai
27/04/2009 Mumbai Indians 92 runs Port Elizabeth
1/05/2009 Mumbai Indians 9 runs East London
22/03/2010 Mumbai Indians 7 wickets Mumbai
19/04/2010 Kolkata Knight Riders 9 wickets Kolkata
22/05/2011 Mumbai Indians 5 wickets Kolkata
25/05/2011 Mumbai Indians 4 wickets Mumbai
12/05/2012 Mumbai Indians 27 runs Kolkata
16/05/2012 Kolkata Knight Riders 32 runs Mumbai
24/04/2013 Mumbai Indians 5 wickets Kolkata
07/05/2013 Mumbai Indians 65 runs Mumbai
16/04/2014 Kolkata Knight Riders 41 runs Abu Dhabi
14/05/2014 Kolkata Knight Riders 6 wickets Cuttack
08/04/2015 Kolkata Knight Riders 3 wickets Kolkata
14/05/2015 Mumbai Indians 5 runs Mumbai
13/04/2016 Mumbai Indians 6 wickets Kolkata
28/04/2016 Mumbai Indians 6 wickets Mumbai
09/04/2017 Mumbai Indians 4 wickets Mumbai
13/05/2017 Mumbai Indians 9 runs Kolkata
19/05/2017 Mumbai Indians 6 wickets Bangalore
06/05/2018 Mumbai Indians 13 runs Mumbai
09/05/2018 Mumbai Indians 102 runs Kolkata
28/04/2019 Kolkata Knight Riders 34 runs Kolkata
05/05/2019 Mumbai Indians 9 wickets Mumbai
23/09/2020 Mumbai Indians 49 runs Abu Dhabi
16/10/2020 Mumbai Indians 8 wickets Abu Dhabi
13/04/2021 Mumbai Indians 10 runs Chennai
23/09/2021 Kolkata Knight Riders 7 wickets Abu Dhabi
06/04/2022 Kolkata Knight Riders 5 wickets Pune
09/05/2022 Kolkata Knight Riders 52 runs Mumbai

This is written proof that Mumbai Indians have been on the much better side, however, KKR has been gaining a lot of confidence. As per the KKR vs MI head to head stats, the last three clashes have been won by the Kolkata Knight Riders and they're finally gaining some advantage over the most successful IPL franchise.

MI vs KKR all-time IPL stats | Top performers

Most runs

In this highly advanced generation of cricketing action, the introduction of IPL brought a revolutionary change in the field of cricket. From playing the straight drive to seeing the Dil scoop to the helicopter shoot, the sport has massively evolved in the shorter format. Rivalries between MI and KKR have produced some outstanding performances with the bat and given fans the worth of their money.

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Mentioned below are the top performers with the bat in the MI vs KKR head to head. Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma has a separate love and hate relationship with KKR. He has scored a blistering knock of 109* and scores of 98* and 84* that have kept him way clear on the top. He loves batting against the Knight Riders and has proved it over the years.

Player name Runs
Rohit Sharma 904
Suryakumar Yadav 480
Gautam Gambhir 349
Sachin Tendulkar 326
Robin Uthappa 320

Most wickets

As the batters developed exceptional skill work to toss the ball out of the park behind the stumps, there was no room for length bowling. Bowlers developed variation and strategic bowling to outfox the batsman and the rivalries in IPL have seen plenty of such moments. MI vs KKR head to head encounters has always been a joy to watch and here are some of the top wicket-takers of their fixtures over the years. Jasprit Bumrah is inching closer to the top spot and with his pace and variation, it’s only a matter of a few games to dethrone the spinner from the Caribbean.

Player name Wickets
Sunil Narine 23
Jasprit Bumrah 20
Lasith Malinga 20
Andre Rusell 13
Hardik Pandya 11

Best matches between KKR and MI in IPL

The Mumbai Indians were undoubtedly the best side against Kolkata Knight Riders back in 2020, beating the latter in both their encounters. However, the teams had a heated rivalry in IPL 2021. Mumbai Indians ended fifth overall while the Knight Riders were runners-up. In the two games they played against one another, MI won the first one by 10 runs while Riders emerged victorious in the second, where they won by 7 wickets.

Although, 2022 brought in plenty of joy for KKR as they won on both occasions and added insult to injury to the year where everything went wrong for MI. MI vs KKR head to head has been nothing short of entertainment and with that being said, let's look at the top 3 matches between MI and KKR.

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Of all Kkr vs MI head to head in the IPL tournaments, we have decided to go with the ones mentioned below. These matches will give you a hint of what may come next.

May 9, 2018 (Match 41) – The match took place at Eden Gardens with the fixture being the last game of 2018 between the two. Victory went MI’s way who clinched a staggering 102-run win margin. It was Ishan Kishan whose fabulous innings pushed MI past the 200-run mark. In reply, KKR shattered like a stack of dominos and handed MI the biggest winning margin in the MI vs KKR rivalry.

April 28, 2019 (Match 47) – Another encounter that took place at Eden Gardens and this time victory was in favour of the home team. KKR won the match by 34 runs and posted a record of 232 with the bat. It was a memorable win for the hosts, their first over MI since 2015. Andre Rusell was the star of the show for his marvellous 40-ball 80.

mi vs kkr head to head

Last but not least is the MI vs KKR head to head stats.

May 9, 2022 (Match 14) – It was the beginning stages of the tournament and the Riders were all set to give Mumbai Indians a taste of their own medicine. KKR won the match by 5 wickets despite their top-order collapse. After Suryakumar Yadav saved the day for MI with his 36-ball 52, KKR had 162 to chase. Patt Cummins walked in and smashed a 15-ball unbeaten 56 to give his side an unimaginable win. KKR were ferocious and went on to win the second match against the former.


All-in-all, MI vs KKR head to head rivalry may not be the most dramatic but it always leaves you with doubt. There’s no predictable winner and with every player being a match-winner, it is always a delightful match-up for cricket fans across India. We hope the head to head MI vs KKR stats were helpful and helped you understand the rivalry better.