Uncapped IPL players set to get payment boost from BCCI

A day before the IPL 2024 auction, reports suggest that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is set to introduce a new incentive plan for uncapped players in IPL. 

This initiative, aimed at rewarding players who earn international caps between IPL seasons, marks a significant shift from the traditional league fee structure, promising a more dynamic and rewarding environment for emerging talents.

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How is the payment structure for uncapped players in IPL? 

Historically, the IPL's payment structure for uncapped players has been rigid. Players were locked into their league fee for three years, regardless of their performance or international debut. This system often led to disparities, where a player's IPL fee didn't reflect their growing stature in international cricket.

The BCCI's new plan is a game-changer. It introduces a flexible fee system, where the league fee of uncapped players in IPL can increase based on their international appearances.

For instance, if a player who was initially signed for less than Rs. 50 lakhs earns international caps, their fee could rise to Rs. 50 lakhs for one cap, Rs. 75 lakhs for 5-9 caps, and Rs. 1 crore for 10 or more caps.

This system not only incentivizes performance but also ensures that players are fairly compensated for their growth and achievements.

uncapped players in IPL
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This initiative is expected to boost the morale of young, uncapped players. Knowing that their efforts and success in international cricket could lead to a direct financial benefit in the IPL will likely motivate them to perform better.

It also offers a tangible goal for players aspiring to make their mark both domestically and internationally.

An interesting aspect of this new rule is its impact on trading. If a player is traded, their increased league fee will count towards the new franchise's Salary Cap.

However, if they stay with their original team, the increased fee won't affect the team's Salary Cap. This rule adds a strategic layer to player trading, making it a more nuanced and potentially rewarding process.

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The BCCI has also clarified the definitions of capped and uncapped players. A capped player is one who has either played in the starting XI in international cricket for an ICC Full member or holds a Central Contract with their national board.

This definition ensures clarity and fairness in determining a player's status.

The BCCI's new incentive plan for uncapped players is a visionary step to incentivise new talents. It promises to create a more equitable and dynamic environment, encouraging young talents to excel both in the IPL and on the international stage.

The IPL 2024 auction is set to be held in Dubai on December 19. Several uncapped players in IPL have been retained by their franchises, but a few others would go up for sale and could attract big attention in the auction.


Rohit is an experienced cricket writer based in India