ICC Full Form | What is the Full Form of ICC in Cricket?

What is the Full Form of ICC?

ICC – International Cricket Council

ICC stands for International Cricket Council. ICC is an international governing body for cricket. ICC was founded as Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by the representatives of England, Australia, and South Africa. However, later in 1965, ICC was renamed to International Cricket Conference before it got its current name in 1987.

The cricketing body represents 104 participating cricket nations and works closely with its members towards making cricket a global sport. ICC is also responsible for laying out all the playing conditions, the DRS system (Decision Review System), the ICC Code of Conduct, and other regulations.

The world body also looks after promoting the sport and taking it to all corners of the world. The popular events hosted by ICC offer more context to the sport and help in promoting the sport at a global level. ICC also appoints match officials that officiate all cricket matches that receive the ICC status. ICC also has in place the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) which ensures that necessary action is taken against corruption and match-fixing.


Does ICC make cricket rules and Laws?
MCC committee
MCC committee reviews cricket laws and rules of the game

ICC or International Cricket Council is not responsible for making cricket rules and laws that generally run the sport. ICC is a body that manages the sport and focuses on its development across the globe. The laws and the rules of cricket were formed by Marylebone Cricket Club in 1788 and have been under MCC”s governance ever since.


ICC Members
All ICC Members
All ICC Members (Image Source: ICC)

Full Members – The governing bodies of twelve teams have full voting rights in the International Cricket Council are recognized as Full members. All the full members are eligible to play Test matches.

Team Region Admitted
England Europe 1909
Australia East Asia-Pacific 1909
South Africa Africa 1909
West Indies America 1926
New Zealand East Asia-Pacific 1926
India Asia 1926
Pakistan Asia 1952
Sri Lanka Asia 1981
Zimbabwe Africa 1992
Bangladesh Asia 2000
Ireland Europe 2017
Afghanistan Asia 2017

Associate Members – There are 92 countries where cricket is firmly established and organized, but have not been granted Full Membership yet. Associate members include the likes of Scotland, Ireland, UAE, Oman, and others.


Popular ICC Events
England won the 2019 Cricket World Cup
England won the 2019 Cricket World Cup (Image Source: Twitter/ICC)

ICC conducts all the major cricket global events that see most cricket nations go head to head in order to lift the trophy. A list of some popular ICC events in Men's and Women's cricket is given below.

Men's Cricket Women's Cricket
ICC Cricket World Cup ICC Women's World Cup
ICC T20 World Cup ICC Women's T20 World Cup
ICC U19 Cricket World Cup
ICC World Test Championship
ICC – Source of Income

ICC's primary source of income is the global events that it organizes. The majority of the income is generated via television rights and sponsorship deals. The ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest cricket tournament that produces maximum revenue for the body. However, the majority of revenue is also distributed among its members.

ICC doesn't have any revenue interests in the bilateral tournaments including ODIs, T20Is, and Test matches. The revenue generated through the bilateral fixtures is shared between the participating members. ICC has also had a vision of conducting a global tournament every year in order to keep the flow of income and bring more context to the cricket happening around the globe.


ICC Awards
Virat Kohli was awarded the ICC Male Cricketer of the Year in 2020 (Image Source: ICC)

Every year, the International Cricket Council honors individuals across formats in Men's and Women's cricket for their performances in the last 12 months. The ICC awards were introduced in 2004 and have continued to be a  prestigious honor for all recipients ever since.

In order to recognize individuals, the governing body nominates ICC Test Cricketer of the Year, ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year, ICC T20I Cricketer of the Year, and the Gary Sobers Award for the ICC Cricketer of the Year in the Men's category. Similarly, women's cricketers are awarded for their efforts in the ODIs, T20Is, and the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award for being the Women's Cricketer of the Year.


ICC Officials
Designation Name
ICC Chairman Greg Barclay
Deputy Chairman Imran Khawaja
CEO Manu Sawhney